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Campaign Update: Big wins for renters, but when will they start?

Last year was a rousing success for renters’ right in Victoria.  We launched the Make Renting Fair campaign in May 2017.  Just five short months later the Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews announced a 14-point list of reforms including a ban on ‘no reason’ evictions, the introduction of a landlord blacklist and that pets would soon be welcomed in rental properties.

This is due to people like you and over 70 supporting organisations who took action to make their voices heard.

We welcome the Government’s ‘RentFair’ package, and now want to see it legislated – and extended – as an urgent priority.


Since the announcement back in October, the Victorian Government has remained silent about these promises and when they will take effect.  That means our work is far from over.

In just one week, over 800 people sent emails en masse in support of these changes, in particular the promise that ‘pets are welcome’ in Victoria.

Each email went to six local MPs plus the Premier and Minister. That means over 7,000 emails were received in just seven days – and that’s one email every two seconds!


We must see the RentFair package legislated ASAP, but there is also more to be done including:

  • Introducing mandatory minimum health, safety and efficiency standards for all rental properties
  • Implementing the recommendations made by the Royal Commission into Family Violence
  • Opposing moves that would make evictions quicker and easier and reduce protections for vulnerable tenants
  • Strengthening privacy protections for tenants including preventing unwanted visits and photography

We will continue lobbying for these changes with your support.  There are four simple things you can do to help us spread the word about these reforms:

Share the petition

Email your MP

Like us on Facebook

Tell us your story

Thank you for your ongoing support of the Make Renting Fair campaign.  Together, we can make a positive impact for the over 1.5 million Victorians who rent their homes.

-- The Make Renting Fair Coalition