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Tell MPs to make RentFair the law before it's too late!

The verdict is in on the RentFair Bill... and it’s a BIG YES from us!

The lawyers have scrutinised the legislation over the weekend and it is a big step forward for the safety, stability and privacy of Victoria’s 1.5 million tenants.

The bill isn't perfect but, it will help shift power back towards tenants seeking a safe and stable home to build their lives in. This Bill legislates, or enables, nearly everything we have been fighting for during this campaign, including:

  • Minimum health, safety and efficiency standards 
  • Recommendations from the Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence
  • Abolishing ‘no reason’ notices to vacate
  • Limiting end of fixed-term lease evictions
  • The right for tenants to make fair modifications
  • The right for tenants to have pets
  • Capping bond payments for a large number of rental properties
  • Introducing a landlord blacklist
  • Ensuring existing safeguards against unfair eviction for vulnerable tenants are maintained
  • Strengthening privacy protections for tenants


We need your help!

Now we need to send a very strong message to every member of the Victorian upper house that we need this legislation passed without delay.

Send a message to the Victorian upper house that 1.5 million people need these changes to become law before the election.