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We need national action on rental laws


With sky-rocketing house prices locking many ordinary Australians out of home ownership, there are almost as many people renting as there are people who own their own home.

It is so important that people who rent are able to make a home for themselves and their families ­– to feel secure, even if they don’t own the house they live in!

But right now, tenancy laws aren’t fair. Renters face rent rises they can’t afford, are forced to move frequently due to unfair evictions, are being separated from their beloved pets and are unable to do the little things that make their houses feel like home.

That’s why, together with Make Renting Fair, we’re calling on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten to work with the States and Territories to change tenancy laws to protect renters by:

  • Getting rid of 'no-grounds’ / ‘no specified reason’ evictions
  • Limiting rent increases to once every 12 months;
  • Stopping discrimination by tightening regulations around rental applications; and
  • Enforcing minimum property standards to make sure all rental properties are liveable.

Everyone deserves a safe and stable home, regardless of whether you rent or own.

That’s why it’s crucial our leaders change the tenancy laws now.

Will you sign the petition now, to call on Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten to work with the States and Territories to change the laws?
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