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‘Rent Fair’ reforms about to hit parliament

Yesterday, the Victorian Government announced its intention to introduce an amendment bill to the Residential Tenancies Act to Parliament this week.

Some of the announced changes include:

  • Minimum health and safety standards for all rental properties
  • A crackdown on rental bidding
  • Limiting rent increases to once yearly and capping bonds at four weeks’ rent
  • Pets can only be refused by an order from VCAT
  • Allowing tenants to undertake minor modifications such as hanging picture hooks and installing furniture anchors
  • Clarified rights of entry and photography when a rental property is being sold

This is welcome news for over 1.5 million Victorians who rent their homes.  We need to see the full legislation before we can say whether it will deliver these things, but we are hopeful that it will.

You can read the Victorian Government media release here.

You can read our media release here.

This is what can happen when a group of dedicated and determined individuals work together for positive change.  Supporters of Make Renting Fair and others in the community have made this possible, and you should be very proud.

Stay tuned over the coming weeks as we analyse the full details and begin lobbying Victorian MPs around this bill.  Our preferred outcome is to pass a positive bill before the Victorian election.

One thing is for sure: We are going to need your help.  Let’s continue working together and make renting fair – we can do it!