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Breaking: We did it, we won!

Last night, the Victorian Upper House passed the biggest rental reform package in two decades. We have won our battle to make big changes to residential tenancy laws for 1.5 million Victorians.

We won because of you and your support!

We'll share more detail about the new laws and when they will come into effect in the coming days.

However, we can all celebrate now knowing that we are making things better for every Victorian who rents their home.

Safety. Stability. Privacy. It's only Fair.

These have been our messages from the very start and these new laws are a major step forward in all these areas.

There is more to say and more to do. This is just a short message tonight to say congratulations to you for being part of history.

Thank you.

This was always about giving ordinary people a fair chance in life and, in the process, we have started a movement that is spreading around the country.

We should all be very proud of what we've achieved together. #makerentingfair