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Another win for Victorian renters!

In response to calls from Victorian family violence services and thousands of emails sent by Make Renting Fair supporters like you, the Victorian Government has confirmed it will introduce new protections for renters experiencing family violence.

We are yet to see the full details, but believe these will include:

  • Giving people the ability to end a lease early or remove a perpetrator from a lease due to family violence
  • Ensuring people are not punished financially or through blacklisting for the actions of perpetrators
  • Enable VCAT to properly consider family violence without an onerous burden of proof
  • Preventing a landlord withholding permission for safety modifications like changing locks or securing windows

This article provides an excellent summary of the issues.

These changes were recommended by the Royal Commission into Family Violence over two years ago and we warmly welcome the commitment to putting them into parliament this year.


Clear commitments have been made to the community and, with your help, we are going to hold Government to their word. Stay tuned for a lot more action over the coming weeks and months!

Thank you for your ongoing support. We are winning the fight and changing the face of renting in Victoria, but there is much more to do before the end of the year!